I have held senior roles in educational management since 1982 including leadership, development work, planning, organisational aspects, personnel and financial management. I have also project managed EU initiatives including a large telematics project and regional ESF developments. Recently I have been involved with the coordination of arts projects for the Arts Council England, National Society for Education in Art and Design and Stockport MBC.

I am working on a freelance basis for the International Centre for Digital Content Liverpool John Mores University, co-director of a new media company on Merseyside, PACIFICstream.com and I am an external examiner and consultant.
In 2000 I held an exhibition of my own work in Liverpool, "Weapons of War", and in Munich.
I believe I have a commitment to the North West and a full understanding of the unique problems of the region.

A career outline follows below:




My recent projects have included:

The St Helens Creative Technology Initiative - a 2.5 to 3.5 million pound arts/multimedia development that is seeking Lottery funding . This project includes the development of workshops for multimedia, electronic image generation, electronic publishing, music technology etcetera.

The development of a Training Centre for Advertising and Management for a consortium in the Gulf region based in Bahrain and other development work for the Ministry of Labour, State of Bahrain.

Emerge - a research project under the European Union initiative, Leonardo, looking at the design of computer interface for distance learning. This project has a budget of 300,000 euros. and has been developed with a college in Norway.

Drawing and Visual Studies as a Core Skill for art and design - a trans- Atlantic project linking institutions in US and Europe addressing issues related to the teaching of drawing in design via emerging technologies.

DrawLab - a post graduate EU funded incubator project to support artists in personal research relating to drawing. This includes exhibition management, residences and gallery work with a programme of exhibitions in the North West.

I have the following experience:

Director of a new media company on Merseyside involved with web design and distance learning technologies.

Current activities include:

  • Researching into self assessment quality methods (TQM) via the internet for SMEs.
  • Designing a web site for a national environmental organisation.
  • An e-commerce site for a national mail order company.
  • Training and consultancy for Czech TV.
  • Consultancy for the Karl English University, Bruno.
  • New Excursionsim - a project to extend the"experience economy" via an intuitive graphical interface that is specifically designed for wireless PDAs allowing for communication using GPRS of detailed information and databases related to tourism and cultural heritage between mobile users see, www.digex-eu.com.
  • 1Street - An interactive web site using bespoke tools for the Prague street paper, Novy Prostor.

Financial management

Previous responsibility of an annual budget of £1.7 million.
Production of annual business plans which have included financial forecasting, target setting and action plans since 1990.
Working to monthly financial profiles.
Preparing reports and presented financial information for quarterly performance reviews.

Operational management/project administration

Managing and coordinating a wide range of projects.
Proactive in development plans.
Representing the Chief Executive and the institution at development meetings within Europe and internationally.
Responsibility for the implementation of change at challenging and difficult times.

Personnel Management

Familiarity with all aspects of personnel management including recruitment procedures and contracts with the responsibility of up to 45 staff including administration staff, caretaking, cleaning and academic staff.
Understanding Equal opportunities issues and the need to be proactive and responsive.
Implementation, monitoring and involvement with staff appraisals for the last 10 years.
Participation in and conducting processes to achieve Investors In People award.
Managing staff development and monitoring staff needs.
Understanding the particular needs of the community.

Development and fund raising

Working as Development Director with the responsibility for analysis of opportunities, alternative funding and the development of new work.
Bid authoring including Lottery, EU, research and development.
Success in ESF and ERDF projects in new technology, research, women into media and radio. With an income of £750,000 within a 12 month period.
Knowledge of ADAPT initiatives and Fifth Framework EU projects. (Currently drafting bids)

Information Management

Conversant with all aspects of MIS including the monitoring of staff records, effectiveness of resources and efficiency measures.
Involvement with quality assurance processes including self assessment.
Authorship of annual quality and evaluation reports.
Familiarity with internal communications systems for reporting, records and memorandums.
Fully conversant with Excel, Word, QuarkXpress, Adobe Photoshop, HTML and Mac OS.

Physical Resource Management

Employing capital expenditure needs analysis for 10 years.
Setting standards for risk assessment, COSHH and related health and safety.
Setting and monitoring cleaning and maintenance requirements.
Fully conversant with computer networks and server applications for internal use and connectivity to the internet.
Planned and supervised the move of a large department.
Advised and liaised with architects and estates personnel on the requirements for arts facilities including, CAAD, media facilities, video and sound studios and photography.

My personal interests are as follows:

Interest in the arts
Member of a special project team for the DTI initiative “Innovation NW” - distance learning off-line and on-line for SMEs in the NW.
Member of CADE - Computers in Art & Design Education.
Member of European League of Institutes of the Arts.
Many industrial links and contacts within the telematics/multimedia/arts industry across Europe.
Environmental issues including work for English Nature.
Looking after a Landrover and two acres of Welsh upland.

12 Norwood Ave,
Merseyside PR9 7DT

T: 01704 507300
M: 07974 432937
F: 01704 505920
E: roy@artypig.com

1964-69 Birmingham College of Art and Design
DipAD 2:2(Hons.) Fine Art
1969-71 University of Illinois. M.F.A.
1972-87 teaching at Southport College of Art and Design.
1975-76 visiting lecturer at Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa.
1979 elected member of the Visual Arts Panel, Merseyside Arts.
1982 appointed Acting Principal at Southport College of Art and Design.
1983 appointed Head of Art and Design at Southport College of Art and Technology.
1985 appointed Chairman, Photography Panel, Merseyside Arts.
1985 elected member of the N.W.R.A.C. Art Panel.
1986 elected N.W. representative on the Council of the Association of Design Colleges.
1986 appointed Director of Resources at S.C.A.T.
1987 appointed Head of School of Arts, Media and Design, St. Helens College
1992 elected governor at Birkdale Primary School, Southport
1995 elected judge for the St Helens Open Art exhibition
1996 elected onto the steering group for TELNOW (Telematics NW)
1996 appointed Assistant Development Director at St Helens College
1997 part-time development and DrawLab coordinator, St Helens College
1998 Director, PACIFICstream.com Ltd.
1998 Consultant, International Education Solutions
Project manager at Southport College

Present employment:

National Coordinator Artist Teacher Scheme for the NSEAD (since June 2001)

Director, PACIFICstream.com Ltd and Dynamic Park
Consultant, International Education Solutions

Cross College Responsibilities:

European Studies/Environment 1993-94
European Curriculum Development 1994-95
Eurostudies/Languages 1995-96
Computer Management Committee 1993-97
Equal Opportunities Development 1994-97
Chair of Student Affairs sub-committee 1993-96

Advising and Moderation:

Southport College, General Art and Design and Photography. 1991-
British Council. 1997-
Barnet College, Art and Design. 1989 - 90.
Blackburn College of Arts and Technology. 1989 - 90.
South Trafford College of Art and Technology. 1990 - 91.
London College of Fashion. 1989.
University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. 1997 - 01
University of Hertfordshire. 1998 -
Southampton Institute. 2001 -
Arts and Cultural Industries Development Fund. 1997 -


Regular exhibitions from 1973 in the UK, Germany and USA.


Arts Council grant. 1978
U.K./U.S.A. Teaching exchange programme.1975.
Iowa Council for Programmes in the Humanities grant 1976.
Merseyside Arts awards. 1978 and 1979.
West Midlands Arts Association award.1979.
Yorkshire Arts Association awards. 1980.
European Communities Exchange - Greece. 1991
Preparatory visit - Bratislava. 1993
Preparatory visit - Munich. 1996
Preparatory visit - Sabadell, Barcelona. 1996
Council for Europe/ACT Austria Conference on Practice Firms. 1996
Award NCU - Oslo. 1997
Eurasia Online ‘98 - Almaty, Kazakhstan. 1999
CEDEFOP Study Award, Ancona Italy. 2001
Leonardo Conference IMM University, Bucharest. 2002


Staff Development:

Foundation in Management, FESC 1985
Managing Resources, FESC 1986
Staff Reviews, FESC 1988
IT in FE, St Helens 1988
Managing the Curriculum Portfolio, FESC 1990
Multi-cultural teaching, Tower Hamlets College, 1990
Income generation in FE, St Helens 1991
Franchising Art and Design, CENTRA 1992
Overseas Students, University of Warwick 1992
MCI, Staff College 1992 -
European Curriculum CENTRA 1994
NVQs in Languages CENTRA 1994
4th Framework - multimedia European funding opportunities. NIMTECH 1996

Summary of International Links and Projects :
• Preparation of a trans- - national art degree 1993 -95
• Joint EU/USA Consortia in HE and Vocation Education and Training. 1995/8
• Millennium Bid for a Centre for Creative Technology. 1996 -
• Centre for drawing and visual studies research. Lottery Bid. 1996
• ESF bids. 1996:
Media production for Women
Radio production
Specific training for the visually impaired and the deaf
Lens media and film archive
Print and technology
• ERDF bid. 1996:
Community Music Centre
• FEFC Competitiveness Bids:
XRF Environmental Technology. 1995
Multimedia distance learning for SMEs. 1996
• Leonardo, Sweden (Volvo), Holland, and St Helens. 1995
• Leonardo, Mosjen, Sweden, Munich, Barcelona and St Helens. 1996
• Preparatory visit and European Communities Exchange 1991
• Preparatory visits and links. 1995-7
• Curriculum development and EU projects Kymenlaakson, Kotka/Kouvola. 1996-
• Preparatory visit 1996
• Staff exchanges 1997
• European Communities Exchange, 1991
• LINGUA Student Exchange, Edessa and Thessalonika, 1993.
A study of archeology and industrial archeologúy.
• Preparatory visit 1994
• LINGUA Student Exchange, Thessalonika, 1994.
A study of dance using the glass industry as a theme.
• New Opportunities for Women Exchange, Thessalonika, 1993. A video production comparing the situation of women and exchange of skills and technical knowledge.
• HNC CAAD. Learning material, museum studies, Dept. of Education, University of Thessalonika.
• Development of a foundation art centre, Delta Schools.
Slovakian Republic.
• Preparatory visit to the Academy of Fine Art, Bratislava, 1993.
• TEMPUS Student Exchange for mature students studying sculpture, 1993.
• Kaleidoscope project for young artists from Bratislava, Barcelona and St Helens to study CAAD at St Helens.
• Know How project with Radio Bratislava and the BBC for management and new technology as applied to sound and music( in conjunction with the Institute for Experimental and Electronic Music, Vi2enna.).1993.
• Czech Academic Project. Design and Educational Management for the Academy of Fine Art, Bratislava. 1993.
• Young graduates to Bratislava to teach English, funded by Qualitec with the cooperation of the British Council. 1993/94.
Russian Federation
• Educational management and restructuring, Know How , Vyborg. 1992-5
• Staff and student exchanges with Academy of Fine Art, St Petersburg. 1994

• Preparatory visit 1994
• Munich, Lingua 4 project. 1994
• Munich/St Helens 12 month study placements 6 students. 1995
• Munich/St Helens 12 month study placements 20 students. 1996
• Preparatory visit 1996
• Sabadell, Lingua 4 project. 1995 & 6
USA Links.
• Towson State University, Towson, Baltimore.
• Salisbury State University, Salisbury, Maryland.
• University of South Dakota.
• Morningside State College, Sioux City, Iowa.
• University of New Mexico at Gallup.
• Savannah School of Art and Design. Study visit Summer 1994
• Student work exchange Towson State. 1996
• Site sculpture project, Towson State. 1996 -
• HE development work Building Studies 1997
• Joint college development with:
IPT Management Sdn Bhd
Kolej Premier Yayasan Perak 1997
• Twin college with LCE School of Arts and Design 1997
• Development work in Singapore and China with Kinderland Learning Centre
• Childhood and Early years development education with
Singapore Institute of Management
PAP Community Foundation
RTRC Asiaæ1997
• Joint development work with:
Centre for Development Research and Training
Loyola College
First Computers
Datamatics, Chennai 1997
• Consultancy for the Ministry of Labour. 1997 -
• Training the Trainers. 1997
• HE development work with Bahrain Training Institute and Edexel. 1997
• Vocational training development with:
Bennett Abdulrahman
Institute of Motor Industry, Bahrain
Gulf Advertising
ALBA Aluminium
Czech Republic
• Consultancy and training for Czech Tevevision. 1999
• Web development for Conecta Marketing. 1999
• Consultancy and joint development work with DK Services, Prague. 1999
• Consultancy for University Karla Englise, Bruno. 1999


Names of references:


Geir Solli,
EU Porgrammes Coordinator
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T: +47- 75 17 15 55
F: +47 - 75 17 48 87
E: gesol@nl.telia..no


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